Fising Report - 4-7-09

Conditions? Not there yet.

We are waiting for our staff and volunteers to report in for the weekly stream report. As of last Friday the rivers were still in rough shape, though we had a report that some die-hard fishermen were out fishing some rivers with openings amongst the ice. If you venture out be prepared for cold, dirty water and ice... bright egg flies are to the go to pattern in such conditions.

Today we received a report from the Finland area. Now I know what you are thinking, what does Finland, MN have to do with the North shore conditions? Everything, if you are a mid-shore steelheader. For those unaware, a great number of the mid shore rivers have headwaters several miles inland. These headwaters are still ice covered and packed in with snow. The daytime temperatures have hardly been above freezing and the night temps have been averaging in the 20's. What this means? It is still winter 12 miles inland for the mid & upper shore rivers. This morning we were informed that there is still approx 3' of snow in the Ninemile Lake & Sawbill road area. This area is a headwaters area for the Baptism, Cross, Poplar and several other mid-shore streams.

So it looks like, until the shore weather warms, steelie season for mid & upper shore rivers is still out for now. Rest assure though that when the snow does start melting we should have plenty of flow to bring in a good run of fish this spring.


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