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2014 Creel Analysis

    Well, I've been scrambling to try and find at least ONE data source for temps on the Lower Shore. THE problem has been the havoc wreaked by the 2012 floods on the in-stream data packages. It's important to have these sources because it helps us show you some of those relationships between temperature, flows and our steelhead fishery.     What's really interesting is watching how the stream temperatures change the daily fishing dynamic in that stage right before things really kick off. We know from the DNR technical literature and historical trap data that there is a temperature threshold which seems to initiate upstream migration of adult steelhead. In kamloops, that threshold is just slightly lower.     What we're trying to illustrate here is the catch trend against the stream temperatures. We won't be as concerned with flows until after that initiation temp threshold is met and maintains. Once we get past that point, it's all about the flow. Certainly

Annual Creel Project has started

If you are new to Minnesota Steelheader, or simply missed it last year, we need your help! The Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project is a non-scientific poll of catch information similar to what is provided in the Official MNDNR creel reports. Your part is very simple- When you fish in 2014, simply record the following information:   Species & Number Caught : Kamloops, Steelhead or Brook Trout The Region Where You Caught the Fish : Lower, Mid or Upper Shore. It is critical that you get the location correct. MS is not interested in the specific streams, simply the region, so please use this format:   Lower Shore Region  - All Tributaries from Mission Creek to Knife River M id Shore Region  - All Tributaries from Stewart River to Baptism River Upper Shore Region  - All Tributaries from Little Marais River to Pigeon River including those on the Reservation. The Date the Fish Were Caught : Well, the date.... That's it! Species, Region and Date, how simple is that? There is one

2014 Meet & Greet

Just what is the Meet & Greet anyway? The Meet & Greet is an annual casual "come when you're done fishing" gathering of like-minded Minnesota steelhead anglers, organized by Minnesota Steelheader (MS), a non-profit organization dedicated to informing, educating, and entertaining veterans and new-comers alike to our North Shore fishery. This off the water gathering is a casual way to meet fellow anglers, exchange fishing stories, share tips, techniques and photos, etc. It also provides an opportunity to ask questions and learn a few new tricks all the while relaxing in the warmth of a comfortable establishment. The gathering is open to women, men, 1st time steelhead anglers and seasoned veterans - we welcome all. This is a great way to get to know your fellow anglers, improve our angling community camaraderie, and meet some members behind Minnesota Steelheader. We hope to see you this spring! Location:  Blackwood's - Two Harbors ~ Meeting in t

Fishing Report 4-18-14

Spring is here, we think.  We will start posting fishing reports here with as much regularity as possible. Rivers along the North Shore are flowing, but deep snow in the river valleys and shelf ice along the margins of the rivers makes access to many rivers very difficult and dangerous. Water temperatures remain very cold, only in the low 30s. Warmer air temperatures are forecasted for early this week, which should help melt the remaining ice. Shore angling for Kamloops remains difficult due to the ice in Lake Superior getting pushed around the lake by the winds, often eliminating any open water for fishing. Info provided by the MN DNR

Things are Moving!

Our apologies, we've been very busy elsewhere and have neglected our steelhead duties, so it's time to get back on track.     Where to start???..... All kinds movement going on up and down the North Shore. The Knife had a pretty classic ice-dam signature which shows all the indications that the ice pack is finally breaking up. It's always a bit of a crap-shoot with the flows when you see this kind of signature, but our best estimate given the data we have is that the Knife is now running around 275CFS under all that ice.       Mid-Shore streams are moving as well. The Baptism must have a fair amount of open water in and around the upper reaches. Water temps in the lower river were climbing into the mid-33F range which usually indicates open water somewhere. We only see this starting during the initial stages of ice-out when the stream-bed is exposed and the sun is heating the bottom. The bottom absorbs solar radiation and re-radiates it into the water helping the