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2009 Fall Bois Brule Numbers

I finally got time to run the 2009 Fall numbers and this is how it looked- (Click Thumbnails for Larger Image) Browns Coho Steelhead Couple items to note: The first is that once again, actual returns (which were decent) didn't match up with reports (which were generally poor) although some hard-working folks reported outstanding fishing. We did have quite low water for parts of the fall, but that just means you have to adjust your tactics because the fish typically are there provided you are fishing the prime return window. Finding deeper holding water (read anywhere the bottom can't be seen) off the beaten path along with fishing early and late low-light periods will go a long way towards making you more successful under tough conditions. Fish will shift quite a bit of movement to night time periods and hunker down during the day. That and in the skinny, clear water, downsizing is often not just a good idea, it's almost required. Don't be afra