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2020 MNST Creel Project Results

The 2020 Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project - or - Covid Stinks! For those not familiar with the MNST Creel Project Each year, Minnesota Steelheader collects angler-submitted creel reports of unclipped steelhead, clipped fish and p resumed coaster brook trout through our  Creel Project Collection Page . This catch information is presented in ways we hope provides you with the most accurate picture of Minnesota's annual and long-term North Shore steelhead run behavior. While the primary focus involves fish caught in the tributaries during the Spring migration and spawning run, we appreciate and accept creel reports year-round . MNST analyzes reported catch dates, region caught, the numbers by species, measurements of daily flow, temperature, MN DNR Fisheries trap and other open-source fisheries data, the results of which are charted in Daily, Weekly and Historical formats. For comprehensive information regarding the who, what, when, where and why of the MNST Creel P