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Saturday's Salmon Clinic - Fish On!

Our first fall salmon clinic was successfully held this past Saturday and what a great day it was. With a total of 10 guys on the water, everyone caught fish, well everyone except our camera man and field staffer, Murph, though he caught some great photos! The group and MS staff met up on the the water around 10am to a cool overcast morning. MS staff  DB and NMF discussed the pink salmon fishery in great detail and how these buggers are able to sustain themselves naturally where other salmon have not. They also discussed how scouting a river in the fall can greatly improve your spring steelhead success rate as well as a review of fly fishing techniques, rigging and of course fly assortments. The water was low during this outing, but it did not seem to hamper the run much as there were thousands of fish to be had and in just about all types of water on this particular river. From pools to riffle water, the group caught fish throughout. The two hot flies for the day seemed to

Photo Challenge IV

Here is a challenge for all who fish and explore the North Shore Rivers of Minnesota. To play you must visit our facebook page . To be eligible you must first "like" our page. Good Luck!