Minnesota State Government Awards

DNR receives a state government innovation award in 2019.

The annual Minnesota State Government Innovation Awards recognize the great work of state government entities and encourage an environment of experimentation and innovation in Minnesota.Nick Peterson receiving the award for the DNR.

The 2019 State Government Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center with generous support from the Bush Foundation. The Humphrey School recognizes state government entities engaged in innovation and service redesign. Judges select up to ten award winners. This past year, the French River Management office was one of the ten award winners for their Steelhead Genetics Project.  You can learn more about what this project is HERE.

Pictured are the DNR team that is driving this project.

From the awards website:

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources – Section of Fisheries:
Lake Superior Steelhead Genetics Projects The Steelhead Genetics Pr…

Steelhead Seminar - March 2020 | Twin Cities

Steelhead Fishing the North Shore Tributaries of Minnesota's Lake Superior.Presented by: Carl Haensel 
Seasoned Steelhead guide, biologist & educator

Our annual free "Steelhead Summit" is set for March 2020. 
This is a great night of insight, beer tasting, and camaraderie.

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
Summit Brewing Company | Ratskeller

This seminar is for new and seasoned anglers alike interested in learning about our North Shore steelhead fishery and an opportunity to indulge in some award-winning beer. The seminar covers what it takes to become a successful steelhead angler and is full of beautiful photography and priceless steelhead water. The Seminar is presented by our friend and renowned steelhead angler & guide, Carl Haensel.

A little about our Speaker: Carl Haenselis an educator, biologist, photographer, writer and fishing guide. He has guided and taught fly fishing since 1996 and has authored over a hundred articles on fly fishing techniques, tips, flies and locat…

Minnesota Steelheader Updates Creel Project Collection

Beginning this fall, MNST is changing the way we collect data for the MNST Creel Project.
Unfortunately we are limited in keeping up with the times; up-to-date servers and applications cost money, and all of our membership funds and donations go right back into programs and outreach to facilitate our mission of Informing, Inspiring and Educating online and in the community. The good news is MNST’s staff are a creative bunch,and we have solutions to a number of Creel Project challenges. If you were not aware, the creel project was developed to answer questions about steelhead in Minnesota waters specifically, and to also provide anglers with the most up-to-date information possible. The more we study the data, the more MNST realizes that we need well, more data…
One significant challenge is that with the age of our current servers and web applications, MNST is severely limited in what we can do about making it easy for you to get the data into our hands using our native web ser…

MNST Fall Clinic set for September 21st, 2019

The 2019 MNST Fall Clinic is set for September 21st, 2019. You can register by visiting the Fall Clinic Page on and clicking any of the "Register Here" links. MNST Fall Clinic Page
Due to high demand and limited slots, registration will open at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday August 10th. MNST is simply trying to give everyone the best opportunity to register possible. If you don't secure a slot, please sign up via the wait-list. We always seem to have a cancellation or two and MNST will open any cancellation slot in the strict order of the wait-list
You can also register starting August 10th at 8:00 a.m. via the link below: MNST Streamside Fall Clinic Registration Page

2019 MNST Creel Project Results

The Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project - Celebrating 10 Years!
Each year, Minnesota Steelheader collects angler-submitted creel reports of steelhead, kamloops and presumed coaster brook trout through our Creel Project page. This catch information is presented in ways we hope provides you with the most accurate picture of Minnesota's annual and long-term North Shore steelhead run behavior.
This is not a scientific creel by definition. We do however incorporate and present as much of the available scientific literature as we can; the difference is that this is done from an angler's perspective. These tools provide an opportunity to be a more knowledgeable and most importantly, a more successful North Shore steelheader.
While the primary focus has been fish caught in the tributaries during the Spring migration and spawning run, we appreciate and accept creel reports year-round. MNST analyzes reported catch dates, region caught, the numbers by species, measurements of daily flow, te…