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More Brook Trout

No question in our minds that the Brook Trout is the most beautiful of all of our Trout! Here is a great close-up shot from our buddy Jesse. He caught this while Salmon fishing this fall on a mid-shore river. Do you have any pictures to share?

North Shore Brookies

With the November cold upon us and, another trout season about finished*, we find ourselves reminiscing about another great season of steelhead and fall trout and salmon. Don't be fooled though, you may still find a few steelhead by casting into the big lake around some of the major tributaries. Or even in the rivers if blessed with some rain. Anyway, back to the reminiscing.... we stumbled across some pics of a couple of the Ninemile fishing guys with brookies that are worth showing. Please feel free to send us any of your fish pics past or present for display here on our blog or on the Minnesota Steelheader photo gallery. * Read up on your fishing regs. The Lake Superior tributaries have a different season from the State inland trout season.