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A great volunteer opportunity!

Coaster brook trout research work - volunteers needed! You have an opportunity in the coming weeks to assist with  coaster brook trout research  work on our North Shore streams.  Beginning the week of October 7 and continuing through early November, the Gitche Gumee Chapter of TU will assist the MNDNR as it conducts population surveys on major North Shore tributaries.  They have reached out to us to help round up interested volunteers.  You do not need to be a member of TU to volunteer!  This opportunity builds upon the genetic research and population survey work which the Gitche Gumee Chapter did with the MNDNR in 1997 and 1998.  The population survey involves electrofishing North Shore streams below barrier falls when brook trout are likely to be in rivers for spawning.      This is a truly unique opportunity to advance the knowledge and restoration of coaster brook trout.    The “work” involves participating on an electrofishing crew on weekdays this fall.    The DNR will