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Steelheading for Nerds

As we shelter in place, we thought we would do a deep-dive into the DNR and MNST data and try to explain how you can use the information to be a more successful steelheader. And perhaps, just perhaps, give your brain a little mental break from all the uncertainty and dread surrounding coronavirus...     As we've said before, the MNST Creel Project really grew out of a desire to understand what makes North Shore steelhead tick and by way of understanding, help us all to become more successful steelhead anglers. Conventional wisdom at the time was that stream flows were/are THE primary influence on steelhead migration movement during the runs. What we noted back then was that this held true on North Shore streams except for when it didn't; and those "When it didn't" years generated some spectacular early-season skunks along with a pathological compulsion to do the research and figure it out. Hey, we nerds like to catch fish too....     What we eventua