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No Treble Hooks!

 Years ago all an angler had was a paper regulation booklet and the word from fellow anglers and DNR officials stating that treble hooks are not allowed in our north shore tributaries below the posted boundaries.  This should be enough, right? Today we still have those regulation booklets and honestly they have come a long way in clarifying the dos and don'ts regarding our north shore fishery.  We also have dozens of signs along our rivers explaining the dos and don't as well as specifically stating the use of treble hooks. If that was not enough, anglers can simply search the internet.  Heck, these days, you can search stream side right from your phone.  In fact this post will be available streamside to anyone willing to take the time to search the web or scan the UR code from our report cards that went out this spring. Pictured above is a photo of a a crankbait that is in many o' bass anglers tackle arsenal. Heck, I have a few myself. The problem here is this was

Creel Project Update

    Latest Creel Project updates:     Things have pretty well wound down on the Lower and Mid Shores although there are still probably a few fish around. You're really going to have to work for any remaining fish there.     Upper Shore, hard to say. It has undoubtedly turned the corner, problem is there are very few folks out fishing, and even less reporting so the numbers are likely lower than reality. MS got our last report a couple days ago, but that person hooked four, landed three and one bonus coaster fishing only two tribs. One of the hens was dropping eggs so you be the judge.     At any rate, here it is. Dailies from the Mid and Upper coming soon:     Regards- NMF

More Updated Creel Data

    Latest creel numbers updated as of 06.03.2013:     Unfortunately we don't have any temp data available for any of the Lower Shore stations. We also lost the Baptism right smack in the middle of things. Fortunately we were able to catch the front-end of the Mid so to speak, so we have some good data there.     Note that the Mid Shore creel numbers didn't increase until we hit the threshold despite flows being there; and again the trend depicted in magenta just helps to visualize a bit better since there are gaps in the daily catch data.     Still fish around for sure. Things are winding down on the lower and Mid Shores, looks like Upper Shore has just turned the corner; but again, there are still fish to be had. Look for flow bumps on the Lower/Mid for your best shot at remaining fish in those regions.   Regards- NMF