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What's in your Box?

With the start of the new year comes fly tying happy hours at MN Steelheader. The staff here spends a portion of the off season sorting through our fly boxes, vests and notes, while anxiously awaiting the spring thaw. After reviewing our notes to see what flies were hot...and not, we start gearing up for some serious fly tying. We found that this past year was a great year for one of our new black stone nymph patterns along with the trusty old Hercules. We fished lots of different patterns this past year and still found the egg pattern, and variations of, to be the go to fly. The unforgiving rocks and snags in the often fast drifts were exceptionally hungry this past year. As many of you may know, we stick to simple patterns most of the time for this very reason. You loose flies on the North Shore. Keeping your flies simple helps keep the blood pressure down and enables you to tie plenty of your favorite patterns. Feel free to use this forum to share your patterns, hot or not. We ar

Working in the "off season"

With the end of the steelhead season comes work. Here is a picture of one of our staff and a hunting buddy after a hard day working. The objective: to find a supplier of pheasant tails for a winter tying weekend. Not a bad days work! In the off season most of us here are spending our free time getting plenty of Pheasant hunting in. However, even though we are not on the water, our minds are. Most of the travel time on these late fall, early winter trips, are spent dreaming and planning our next steelhead adventure. T&K - Sunny December day in Iowa '06