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Rainbow Trout Stocking update

Many anglers have asked about steelhead and kamloops stocking along the north shore.  Here is some information from the MN DNR management plan outlining the 2015 stocking statistics. Reminder, even though some steelhead you may catch are stocked, you still cannot harvest them. This will be apparent as the adipose fin is not clipped on stocked steelhead.  The adipose fin is only clipped on kamloops rainbow trout, and only clipped fin rainbow trout may be harvested in the Minnesota waters of Lake Superior.  This fin clipping is done when the fish are juveniles. The clipped fin area will be recognized by a healed over scar.  Steelhead Stocking: A total of 356,390 steelhead fry were stocked in 2015 (Table 4). Stocked fish were offspring produced from Knife River captive broodstock and/or wild adult steelhead captured at the mouth of the French River. Steelhead fry continue to be reared for short lengths of time at the Spire Valley Hatchery (SVH) to prevent the potential introductio

Women on the Fly Streamside clinic

Minnesota’s beautiful North Shore: The shores give way to an expanse of water that is Lake Superior into which our favorite tributaries flow.  The river mouths serving as the staging ground for the trout gathering in anticipation of Mother Nature’s cues to embark on their annual upstream journey.  Surrounded by vast forests are the picturesque waterfalls where our treasured steelhead venture in early spring in pursuit of the perfect spawning ground and a suitable mate.  As the season warms and the spawning cycle reaches completion, the bright silver flashes of a hen digging redds and the trail of males usually found trailing close behind her begin to fade indicating they have begun their retreat toward their primary residence in Lake Superior. For many anglers the end of the spawn marks the end of their annual steelhead fishing.  While the visible activity may not be as apparent, a patient and knowledgeable angler can continue finding plenty of activity beneath the water this ti