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Spring Apparel is here!

Our Original Highway 61 Logo is now available on a variety of T-shirt colors. We are running this T-shirt campaign to help support a new program we are developing.  The program will be a 3 part workshop series aimed and getting kids and parents out fishing. Chance are, if you are reading this, you too are an angler.  At one point in your life you took interest and either started fishing yourself or had a parent or mentor help you get started. With working parents, overblown kids sports programs, divided families, and just plan busy family life, kids are not going fishing like they use too. Let's face it, kids ridding off on their bikes, rod and tackle in hand, is just not what it use to be. Our program is a start in the right direction.  We are currently in the development stages but are excited with the direction we are headed.  Similar to clinics we have done in the past, we will focus our Discovery program workshops on location. The proceeds from our apparel sales wi

Trout and Salmon Winter Shore Fishing clinic

Did you know trout and salmon can be caught year round off the shore of lake Superior? Register for our Winter Shore Casting Clinic to learn more. Date:  Saturday, February 25th, 2017 Time:  8am - 10am Location:    French River- North Shore, Lake Superior* What is the Winter Shore casting clinic? This clinic is aimed to teach anglers the fundamentals of shore casting the breaks, beaches and shore of Minnesota's Lake Superior shoreline. The clinic focuses on steelhead and kamloops rainbow trout, but will also touch on some other available species. Due to unpredictable weather, the clinic will be conducted indoors.  We will cover everything you will need to know to get started on your next adventure.  All participants are encouraged to bring their fishing gear. If weather permits, anglers can put their new skills to the test after the clinic.  The lake will only be a snowball throw away. What will you learn? Our volunteer directors will teach what we have

De-mystifying Fin Clips

    The use of fin clipping is a management tool widely used throughout the Great Lakes, and clips are used extensively in Minnesota's rainbow trout management program.     Each unique combination of clips help fisheries technicians as well as anglers to determine whether a fish is stocked or wild, the strain of rainbow trout stocked, the stocking location, potentially the age, and whether or not an angler can legally harvest the fish.     In Minnesota's portion of Lake Superior and its tributaries below the posted upstream boundary , only rainbow trout over 16 inches with a healed adipose clip may be harvested. The adipose fin is that big fleshy fin located on the back of the fish between the dorsal fin and tail. It is worth noting that while clipped fins do sometimes partially regrow, the adipose fin does not. If you are in doubt, CPR.     Other programs such as Wisconsin's continue to code fin clips using a letter designation from the actual fin name. Minnesota