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Steelhead Genetics Project - Updates as of July 24th, 2016

2016 Steelhead Genetics Project Update     The Steelhead Genetics Project (SGP) is a cooperative research project that seeks volunteer angler participation with scale sample collections. The SGP will provide critical information to advance rehabilitation efforts for Steelhead in the Minnesota waters of Lake Superior.        Anglers interested in participating in this project must be experienced steelhead anglers able to identify both the correct species (steelhead vs. kamloops), identify the correct sex, and qualify for a special scale collecting permit. You can contact the MN DNR if you would like to learn more about the requirements or discuss participation. The SGP project Goals are as follows: Evaluate hybridization between hatchery-raised Kamloops Rainbow Trout and naturalized (wild) Steelhead. Examine the utility of genetics to identify adult Steelhead that were stocked as fry and determine their contributions to the adult catch in the North Shore spring fishery.

Steelhead Genetics Project Notice and Information Request

Do you have steelhead scales to turn in from steelhead fishing this spring?  If so, DNR  Migratory Fish Specialist  Nick Peterson needs your help! The Lake Superior Area Fisheries Office would appreciate it if you could return any remaining scale samples you have as soon as possible. They would like to get the data compiled and the scales sent to the genetics laboratory in St. Paul.  They are also asking for feedback from all who participated this spring. If you DID NOT collect any samples but have a collection permit, please let them know this as well, it will help with the analysis. In addition to letting them know regarding the above, they are asking for responses to the following questions to improve the program: Is there anything that DNR and/or MN Steelheader could do (or provide) to make it easier for anglers and help us to improve participation throughout the season?   Did you find it easy/hard to collect scales from steelhead? Do you have any tips or tricks on how t

2016 Minnesota Trout and Salmon Stamp Contest

Designs due Aug. 12 for Minnesota Trout and Salmon Stamp Wildlife artists can submit entries for the 2017 Minnesota Trout and Salmon Stamp from Monday, Aug. 1, until 4 p.m. Friday, Aug. 12. The trout and salmon stamp validation is sold for $10 along with fishing licenses, and for an extra 75 cents, purchasers can receive the pictorial stamp. It is also sold as a collectible for $10.75. Revenue from stamp sales is dedicated to trout and salmon management and habitat work. Trout or salmon must be the primary focus of the design, though other fish species may be included in the design if they are used to depict common interaction between species or are common inhabitants of Minnesota’s lakes and rivers. Brown trout designs are not eligible this year. Artists are prohibited from using any photographic product as part of their finished entries. Winning artists usually issue limited edition prints of the artwork and retain proceeds. Judging will take place Thursday, Aug. 18, at DNR

2016 Creel Project Results

© Minnesota Steelheader A Quick Note About the Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project: Each year since 2010, Minnesota Steelheader has collected voluntarily submitted creel reports of Steelhead, Kamloops, and what are presumed to be Coaster Brook Trout caught in the tributaries during the Spring migration. These report dates and numbers, along with measurements of daily flow, temperature and other open-source data are then analyzed using a number of different tools. The results are subsequently plotted in Daily, Weekly and Historical formats in what we hope are intuitive and easy to use charts. This is not a scientific creel by definition, but we do use and present as much of the available scientific literature as we can with the goal of making you a more knowledgeable, and more importantly, successful North Shore steelheader.  This data was collected by you, we've re-assembled it along with all other submissions and we  hope you all find it useful. Creel Project Basics