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North Shore Stream Reports

Reports of Pink Salmon and a few coasters came in from some of our angling community this weekend. With the low water, most of the North Shore fishing action was in the larger mid & upper shore rivers. The Pink Salmon numbers are not breathtaking but fish are there. Dozens were spotted on the way up to the cascade. Along with the pinks were a few nice Coaster Brook Trout. Our buddy Jesse sent us this nice shot of a coaster from his 9/16 weekend outing. Hey Jesse, what did you catch her on? We have not heard of any kings yet and don’t expect much excitement until some rain comes. Please feel free to add your thoughts and reports. Tight lines to all and see you in a river………

Steelhead Fishing in Minnesota

Welcome to the Minnesota Steelheader blog. This is the place to discuss everthing Steelhead, Minnesota style. We will even visit other North Shore stream fisheries such as the come back of the coaster Brook Trout, Fall Salmon, and maybe a bit on inland stream trout. Visit us at for more great info about Steelhead fishing the Streams and Rivers of Minnesota's NOrth Shore of Lake Superior. In the mean time, kick back, relax and share a tail or too, add your report, or anything North Shore.