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Identification Plates

Question for you all... I've been playing with color identification plates for the site and was wondering if there's any interest in having this type of thing available? I have plates for all of our migratory species and they look more or less like this (Click for full size image) - Please excuse the "unofficial" MS Logo: All change/update suggestions welcome! Regards- NMF

Minnesota Wolf management update

Minnesota’s Wolf Management Plan to take effect Jan. 27 (Released January 19, 2012) Minnesota’s population of wolves will transition from federal protection to state management by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on Jan. 27, bringing with that transition a number of law changes. Minnesota’s Wolf Management Plan will protect wolves and monitor their population, but also give owners of livestock and domestic pets more protection from wolf depredation. The plans splits the state into two management zones, with more protective regulations in the northern third, considered the wolf’s core range. “The DNR is well-prepared to manage gray wolves and ensure the long-term survival of the species,” said Ed Boggess, DNR Fish and Wildlife Division director. “The state’s Wolf Management Plan will allow Minnesotans more flexibility to address the real conflicts that occur between wolves and humans.” The major change with state management is the ability of individual people to d

On the run!

Steelhead fishing can often be a lot of standing around in a river with cold feet, runny nose, and the dreaded wader back.  But, every now and then you get that fish.  You know the one, the one that made the whole trip worth while. For some, there are great memories captured in a photograph.  For a lot of us there is no camera shot and the fish is never landed.  It might have been from all the logs and branches found in portions of the split rock, or maybe the often crazy fast, rock infested water of the Knife, or one of the hundreds of leader eating rocky bends that line our rugged North Shore Rivers.  For this angler it was just a fresh fish not having any part of being landed in the rough water of the this North Shore River. So what is the solution to potentially landing more steelhead in these types of situations, when moving downstream is no longer a sensible option?  If you are sure the fish is heading for troubled water, but not quite there, slack line 'em!  That's r

Hat sale prices extended another week

Our fishing hats and skull caps have been a big hit so far, thanks to all who have show such enthusiastic support. As you will see on our estore page , and in previous posts, we have a few nice options for you to choose from.  If you have yet to get yours, you may want to get them soon... the 2011 sale prices have been extended for only one more week. After that, full price goes into effect. 100% of the profits from the sale of our hats go right back into the support of our mission statement and our North Shore Steelhead Fishery.  Show your support and order your hats today! Tight lines to all in 2012.