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Beer For Wildlife - Good for Steelhead too!

For most of our staff, and probably plenty of you, pheasant hunting is a big part of fall outdoor adventures. For some it might be simply a weekend hunt with friends and/or family, for others it is a weekly passion throughout the entire season. For the fly tyers out there it means fresh new materials for tying next springs nymph and wet fly patterns. For one Jason Markkula, it means Beer. Jason Markkula is the owner and brewmaster for the Bank Brewing Company. You can find out all about him and the company HERE.  You can also find them on facebook. We won't go into the details of Jason or the company on this post, but we will tell you that he had started a pretty neat program a few years back called "Beer For Wildlife", a foundation of sorts that donates beer sales profits back to restore habitat.  Now we can all say cheers to that! Pictured here is the 2012 label for Bank Brewing's acclaimed Rooster Lager, one of the beers associated with the Beer For Wildlife