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North Shore Tributary & Trout Maps now available

If you are not aware of it, the new North Shore Tributary & Trout Maps are now available online. These interactive maps provide a bit more detail than the old North Shore trib maps & are another good source of information. Just click the link & scroll down to the bottom of the page: North Shore Tributary & Arrowhead Trout Maps Here are the links to the Old Maps: Tributaries from Duluth to Beaver Bay Tributaries from Beaver Bay to Grand Portage Regards- NMF

Fall Run Considerations

I realize that this is Minnesota Steelheader , but so many of us fish all over the North & South Shore that I thought I'd include it. Sorry it's so tardy... When you look at a "normal" Spring Run profile, basically you are looking at a specific time period when the fish follow a bell-curve as they return to a given tributary. The numbers start slowly, build to a peak, then decrease. The total population of fish in the river also follows that same curve although some fish may stay in the river as long as 60 days before emigrating back to the lake. However, when looking at fall run fish, particularly ones that winter over in a stream like the Brule, you have to look at things a bit differently. The run itself follows the same sort of bell-curve with respect to returning fish, but total population does not decrease over time. That is to say, emigrating fish do not offset numbers of fish entering the river like they do in spring. Rather, the total population contin