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2015 Creel Project Update - Upper Shore

    Just a quick note: Upper Shore streams are still trending although it's hard to say how long this will last if the temps stay up around that 60°F mark. We also simply don't have enough data-points in the Upper Shore creel to see the more granular interactions between flows and fish at this time; just a friendly reminder that if you happen to get out, please send us your reports. And Thanks!

2015 Creel Project Update

    A huge thank you to all of YOU! Response to the creel project has been tremendous this year, and we can't do it without your help. We are getting very good data and have already noted some interesting items: The run, while we are seeing the more or less orderly progression of start dates from south to north, kicked off roughly only two days apart for each region. This is a bit unusual, particularly for the Upper Shore The cold spell we had in the 10 days leading up to May slowed fishing, but it simply changed where fish locate in the streams and how you approach presentations Creel numbers are still trending very well for all regions Steelhead have by far been the predominant catch, with a total rainbow creel (steelhead + kamloops) of 496 fish sampled. Very few kamloops being reported from Mid and Upper Shore submissions     Here's what things look like so far. Keep in mind that the creel numbers are simply a trend against actual temps, and flow has been divided by t