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Great Lakes Fly Company

Is cabin fever creeping in? If so, this is a good time to get your fly box in order. A good place to start for supplies is the Great Lakes Fly Company in Duluth. Really, stop there. Not only has John done a superb job of having a fully stocked shop but the advise is 2nd to none. If Duluth is to far out of the way, check them out online . They have designed an all new website with a lot of great new features. Formerly known as Lester River Fly shop, Great Lakes Fly Company opened its doors in July of 2006 and they have been working to expand ever since. Building upon a solid base of dedicated local anglers, John and staff have made a commitment to promoting the sport on a local as well as national level. You'd be amazed how many crazy new patterns and fishing excursions are born of a good conversation and a hot cup of coffee around our tying table. Stop in next time you are in town and let John and his staff get you off to a great fishing trip.