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  This Highlight Reel is a compilation of photos from a few of our staff and friends of Minnesota Steelheader.  It is a highlight of the 2012 fishing season along the North Shore of Lake Superior.    The season starts as the ice leaves the Rivers in the Spring, usually around the end of March or first part of April.  Our primary target is Steelhead, but I don't kow a soul who would ever refuse a Kamloop.  As spring turns to summer the fishing is left to local stream trout populations and shore casting looking for crusing trout and salmon.  The arrival of fall brings Pink, Coho and a few King Salmon back into our rivers.  Later fall you will also find a few steelhead returning, though this is not the main steelhead run.    The prize though of fall is arguably the Brook Trout or "Coasters" as they are refered to by the seasoned anglers.  They are coming back larger and stronger every year.  You will see some real beauties in the show along with a lot of nice stee