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Signs of Life

Between the recent cold and the snow and work demands, I've had my head down and pointed into the wind; but steelheading has a funny way of muscling it's way back into prominence... I walked outside yesterday morning to the first real calm and sun in a while. It FELT like spring finally; there was a definate difference in the feel and smell to the air. Not only that but the first robin of the season was adding his two cents to what the cardinals have been saying for two weeks or so. Every time I hear that spring singing, all I can think of is the Far Side cartoon about what the birds are really saying to the girls, "Hey-Baby... Hey-Baby..." Anyway - Later in the day I decided to poke around a bit and noticed that we are finally seeing signs of life on the South Shore. What you see below is a classic gage signature for early stage ice melt: As the sun hits mid-day, even when temps are below freezing, things warm up just enough to start melting snow-pack. Usu

Stream reports are around the corner

North Shore steelhead reports are just around the corner! When the temps warm, the snow starts to dwindle, and the ice starts to thaw we know that the 2013 steelhead season is soon upon us. The air temperature today along the shore looks to hoover right around the freezing mark.  When was the last time you could say that? Once the season gets under way and our guys are out on the water you can expect to see regular stream condition posts and fishing reports right here.  We also post creel information provided with the help of the MN DNR and their great staff. Our facebook page will have some great info too, but more of the specifics will be right here! Please note that Minnesota steelheader is run by volunteers with families and day jobs.  We do our best to have information posted in a timely manner, but we ask that you cut us some slack if we are a bit behind from time to time.  We also encourage you to post any comments or additional facts and tips to share with others.  Cons