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Minnesota State Government Awards

DNR receives a state government innovation award in 2019. The annual Minnesota State Government Innovation Awards recognize the great work of state government entities and encourage an environment of experimentation and innovation in Minnesota. Nick Peterson receiving the award for the DNR. The 2019 State Government Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center with generous support from the Bush Foundation.  The Humphrey School recognizes state government entities engaged in innovation and service redesign. Judges select up to ten award winners. This past year, the French River Management office was one of the ten award winners for their Steelhead Genetics Project.  You can learn more about what this project is HERE. Pictured are the DNR team that is driving this project. From the awards website: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources – Section of Fisheries: Lake Superior Steelhead Genetics Proje

Steelhead Seminar - March 2020 | Twin Cities

Steelhead Fishing the North Shore Tributaries of Minnesota's Lake Superior. Presented by: Carl Haensel  Seasoned Steelhead guide, biologist & educator Our annual free "Steelhead Summit" is set for March 2020.  This is a great night of insight, beer tasting, and camaraderie. Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 S ummit Brewing Company  |  Ratskeller This seminar is for new and seasoned anglers alike interested in learning about our North Shore steelhead fishery and an opportunity to indulge in some award-winning beer. The seminar covers what it takes to become a successful steelhead angler and is full of beautiful photography and priceless steelhead water. The Seminar is presented by our friend and renowned steelhead angler & guide, Carl Haensel. A little about our Speaker: Carl Haensel   is an educator, biologist, photographer, writer and fishing guide. He has guided and taught fly fishing since 1996 and has authored over a hundred articles on fly fishing