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North Shore Coasters

Last fall, I caught a number of nice brook trout that may have been my first North Shore "coasters." I wasn't sure if these were the fabled lake run fish or just robust specimens of their stream dwelling cousins. I have no doubt in my mind that I caught multiple bona fide coasters last weekend. I landed twenty brook trout ranging from 10 inches to over 20 inches on multiple rivers all within 200 hundred of Lake Superior. I find it hard to believe that the fish I caught are the same as the "brookies" that inhabit the upper reaches of these streams. I don't doubt that a large "brookie" or two inhabit the lower streches of these rivers, but I find it hard to believe that I would be lucky enough to catch five fish pushing the magical 20" mark in less than 24 hours on 3 separate rivers if there wasn't a lake run going on. I was thrilled to find these fish in such abundance in these streams. These fish could represent the beginning of comebac

Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Council honors past members

News Release From The MN DNR The Governor’s Council on Minnesota’s Coastal Program recently honored its past members who have served on the advisory board. At the annual meeting, seven past serving members were acknowledged including: - Arnold Overby, served eight years as an at-large member - Robert Pokela, served three years representing Carlton County - Helena Jackson, served eight years representing St. Louis County - Louise Thureen, served four years representing Lake County - Joanne Fay, served eight years representing St. Louis County - James Hall, served eight years representing Cook County - Thomas Spence, served seven years representing Cook County The 15-member board, known as the Coastal Council, is made up of 12 members from the coastal counties of Cook, Lake, St. Louis, and Carlton along with three at-large members. The group is charged with recommending program priorities and grant projects for funding, annually reviewing the program’s administrative budget and revie