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Celebrating 11 years!

We are proudly celebrating 11 years as Minnesota Steelheader today. Over the years we have received wonderful support from many of you, meet a lot of great anglers, industry professionals, and terrific staff within government agencies. We also have received our fair share of criticism, some pretty feisty ones at that. We humbly admit when we are wrong, respectfully debate when appropriate, and smile when we get a pat on the back. Today, we encourage all of you to add a co nstructive comment below – good or bad. Just keep it constructive – no shots below the belt. Comments can be about Minnesota Steelheader in general, our programs, projects, website, social posts, direction, new ideas, community, or the fishery in general - your call. We welcome all respectful impute as we continue to grow as an organization (see website for mission statement). Tight lines to you all!