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Psst hey... wanna see something kinda cool?

In the interest of being a well rounded steelheader, I'm always on the prowl for information sources which can give me a feel for what's going on out there. One thing I like to do prior to the spring runs is to keep tabs on the progression of snowmelt going on in the various Superior watersheds. But there's another reason I like to look at this type of information. Migratory fish use all kinds of chemical markers in the water to navigate home, and part of what gives each river a "smell" all it's own are the unique soil compositions within the home watersheds. Sometimes in spring you can be driving along 61 and the water is a clear, sparkling blue (or a dark, angry, roiling green as often as not). Other times all you see for the first hundred yards or so out is a sea of reddish-brown stained water; the result of snowmelt or rain causing the rivers to rise and carry local sediments out into the Big Lake. However it happens, even if I'm not looking for

Fishing Report 3-25-11

If you are like me you are getting anxious to get on the water.  We received a fishing report from the DNR at the French River Hatchery today and so far it is still to early to get into the rivers. Stay tuned as we hope to have weekly condition updates and fishing reports starting next week.  We also encourage you to post your own reports either through the comment section below or feel free to send via email.  We also encourage you to send in your steelhead photos! "Currently anglers are fishing from the shore around the mouth of the French River with some success for Kamloops, on calm days.   All tributaries remain frozen, although some at the Duluth end of the shore have some water flowing on top of the ice." DB

03.18.2011 Update

All right, I know I said I was going to lay off for a bit, but the General stopped by this evening and dropped off a present for me in the form of freshly tied, small and medium sized spawn-bags; needless to say I got a little jazzed up... I fish a trib or two which never seem to clear up, consequently you better have a highly pungent offering on the end of your line or it just isn't happening. Anyway, the recent warm weather has changed the game somewhat. I've noticed a few things which have me watching conditions on the ground closer than ever. First, I walked outside Thursday morning to a veritable spring cacophany: The chickadee males were duking it out over territory, the cardinal males were singing to beat the band, and seemingly overnight the robins had come back in force, and the snow in my yard was blood-red with the destroyed remains of sumac seed cones. With the nearly full moon, I think the returning hordes took advantage of the easy food-source and fed all nig

Time's a Wastin'!

Well everyone, in case you haven't noticed, it's MARCH! Which means that steelheading is just around the corner, even if it seems like the snow will never end. If you haven't already, it's time to get your gear together, patch those waders, finish tying flies or spawn, and quit dreamin' about seeing that first enormous square, spotted tail distorted by a boil the size of a garbage-can lid. For me personally, I can't wait to step out of the car and get my first whiff of cedar mixed with balsam. To hear the sound of breakers over the the rush of snowmelt-laden water; or to see stars so thick I can't tell where the sky stops and water begins on the big lake. Let's face it, whether you catch a fish or not, we are blessed with incredible opportunities every spring, and steelheading is so much more than simply fishing. We encourage you all to take at least one opportunity this year to pass along a little of what you know to the next generation. Whether it&#

Trout Unlimited - Fundraising Banquet

To those who are interested, Trout Unlimited is having a Fundraising Banquet Saturday March 19th 2011.  It is being held at the newly renovated Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, MN.  Registration is a breeze on the website, here is a link: TU Banquet Registration The event is open to all Trout Unlimited members.  They are also encouraging non-members attend.  If you are interested in meeting up with anyone from Minnesota Steelheader while at the banquet, please drop us an email (click here)  with your contact information.  We hope to be in attendance.