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2018 Creel Project Results

A Note about the Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project: Each year, Minnesota Steelheader collects and compiles voluntarily submitted creel reports o f steelhead, kamloops and presumed coaster brook trout through ou r Creel Project page. This catch information is combined and compared against numerous data s ets, the goa l being t o provide you with t he most accurate picture of North Shore steelhead run behavior. While the primary focus has been fish caught in the tributaries during the Spring migration and spawning run, we appreciate and accept creel reports year-round . MS analyzes reported catch dates, region caught, the numbers by specie s, measurements of daily flow, temperature and other open-source fisheries data, and the results are charted in Daily, Weekly and Historical formats. This is not a scientific creel by definition. We do however incorporate, use and present as much of the available scientific literature as we can; the difference is that this is done