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Flies from Afghanistan-Part 2

Over the Hindu Kush Flies from Afghanistan-Part 2 Apologies for the long hiatus, life got in the way of putting together another article in the series. I hope to have more time in the future to publish these more regularly. The next fly up to bat is an all-around touchdown when it comes to catching fish, and everyone needs to have a few of these in their box (preferably in various sizes and colors). The Wooly Bugger can be considered as one of the most versatile of all fly patterns. Simply put the fly can be used for numerous species, from saltwater to freshwater, used in all types of environments, from cold water to warm water, all seasons and all water types. I have used them for Steelhead, Browns, Smallmouth, Loopers, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Northern Pike, Redfish, even for trout through the ice in the BWCA. The sky is truly the limit for this fly. My excitement for the big Wooly Bugger was realized about 15 years ago while fishing for late run Steelhead on t