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T-Shirts Now Available!

We finally have our Shirts completed! Made from 100" pre-shrunk cotton and screenprinted right here in Minnesota. These steelhead T-shirts are one-of-a-kind originals designed by Ninemile fishing Co. We have a limited first run now available online at our secure e-store. All shirts are printed dark blue on a washed out blue shirt. Available sizes are Large and X-Large. Note: The shirts run a bit on the large size. Show your support for this great fishery with a T-Shirt today - while supplies last.

Gear up Steelheaders!

If you are like us, you are chomping at the bit to get on the water! This "pre season" time is a great opportunity to go through your gear one more time to make sure everything is in order. Have you restocked your fly box, yarn supply, hooks and line? One often overlooked task on the steelheaders check list every spring is to check and clean one's reel. If you did not loosen your drag at the end of last use, you will definitely want to check to make sure it is working properly. Check for any sand or debris that may have found it's way into your reel's mechanics too. A poor or faulty drag is on the top of a trophy steelhead's wish list. Two often overlooked items on a steelheader's spring fishing list are GOOD polarized sunglasses and sun screen. We can't encourage GOOD polarized sunglasses enough! We recommend taking your glasses into your eye doctor and having them tested. Most of the cheap glasses do not have 100% UV-light blockage. Most clinics