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You Can Learn a Lot From a Trout

    Some of my most informative steelheading days have come while fishing a creek no wider than my 8-weight is long. Sometimes those epiphanies have come on streams not quite half the width of my slightly longer mono-rig.     It often seems like the more I fish for trout, the more I learn about their larger cousins - steelhead. One of the best things about this is that school is in session right now.     Winter trout fishing has numerous parallels with steelheading beyond the obvious snow, dead fingers and freezing guides. And yes, cold water can be one heck of a teacher, kind of like the professor who, by making a monkey out of you, teaches you some of your most important lessons...     Cold-water winter trout act a lot like miniature early-season steelhead. They'll seek out deep, slow pools with darker bottoms that absorb sunlight and warm the water slightly over surrounding areas. Subtle differences in water temps between one pool and the next often mean the difference

Minnesota Steelheader Annual Spring Meet & Greet

As I sit hear in my office and smile excitedly at a 9°f reading on the old thermometer, I am quickly reminded that this warming trend is still very much winter and far away form steelheading. Though north shore river fishing is still at least a couple months out, we are starting to get our flies in a row planning our annual spring meet & greet. You may recall that we cancelled last minute last year as the rivers were still locked up and we received over a foot of snow that late April day. What is the meet and greet you ask?  It is a causal gathering at the end of your fishing day at a comfortable establishment where you can grab a bite to eat and enjoy a tasty beverage among fellow anglers. It is open to all like-minded anglers regardless of your fishing experience, background, or organization affiliation.  It is a wonderful opportunity for all to meet each other, and a great venue to ask questions, gain useful angling insight, share stories and not so secret tips and tricks.