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Steelhead Genetics Project follow up

A reminder to all you anglers who participated in the 2016 Steelhead genetics project this past spring. The DNR Staff will be sending all angler collected scale samples for analysis in the next couple of weeks or so. Please mail any remaining samples that you have as soon as you can. You can email with any questions.

MS Creel Project Q&A

In preparation for the release of the 2016 Creel Project data, we decided that a Q&A session with Minnesota Steelheader VP NMF was in order. We want to make sure people understand what it is, and how their creel report submissions are being used. Q: What is the Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project?  A: The creel project is a non-scientific survey of voluntarily submitted angler catch data. We are gathering information about North Shore steelhead fishing, analyzing it, then providing that information back to anglers; hopefully in a way that is useful and meaningful to steelhead fishing. The Project provides information both about how the current-year migration  went, as well as painting a historical picture of North Shore steelhead returns based on a set of research questions. Q: When you say, "Non-scientific", what does that mean? A: It only means that we don't employ the strictly rigid scientific controls which would be part of any study conducted say by th