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New window decal

For those who are not familiar with Minnesota's North Shore steelhead rivers, they all flow under the renown Hwy 61, though on occasion a couple have been known to flow over the highway. Check out a new window decal design we came up with.  What do you think?  we will be test driving these with our volunteers at this Saturday's Adopt-A-River clean up along the banks of the Sucker river, the parking lot and, of course, along HWY 61. For more info on our clean up project please visit our facebook events page, give us a like while you are at it too! DB | MS

Salmon clinic update

Well, that was pretty quick! The guys group of the clinic is full, though feel free to register and we will list you as an alternate should someone cancel. The gals group still has angler availability for women and any youth they wish to have join them. If you know you will be on the shore the weekend of the 21st please stop by the Sucker River for our annual river clean up.  It usually does not take more than an hour or so with a good group of volunteers.  This is a great way to give back.  Here is a little secret too, you can tap into our staff  for current fishing reports, tips, and regions to focus on for fishing success. We are also looking at an after (angling) hours meet and greet to catch up on the days catches, share stories, and help direct Sunday anglers to fish. DB | MS

Fall Streamside Clinic is set!

Our fall streamside clinic is finally scheduled and registration has begun.  If you are interested in participating we recommend you sign up ASAP as angler space is limited to 16 (8 guys and 8 gals). Date: Saturday, September 21st Time: 10:30am to 1:30pm Location: an awesome middle shore river* How do you register? Simple.   CLICK HERE  or try this link: What is the Streamside clinic? We developed this clinic in 2011 as way to teach beginners and intermediate steelhead anglers the fundamentals of fishing our North Shore streams and rivers.  Timing the clinic in the fall was easy.  The pink salmon migration is in full swing,  the weather conditions are fairly stable and the rivers are running lower than the levels during the spring steelhead migration making them much more manageable.  Pinks also utilize some of the same migration and spawning waters as our steelhead and most north shore steelie flies can