Fishing report: 4-13-09

The rivers on the Lower Shore (Lester, French, Sucker, and Knife) are open. Further up, semi-open on the Middle Shore (Stewart, Silver, Gooseberry, Split Rock, Beaver, and Baptism), and frozen on the Upper Shore (Cross, Temperance, Poplar, Cascade, Devil Track, Kadunce, and Brule).

The MN DNR started their spring creel survey on the Lower Shore this past Friday (4/10/09). Water temperatures ranged from 34 degrees in the morning to 38 degrees in the afternoon on all four rivers. The DNR reports that interviewed anglers caught 11 Kamloops, 8 Steelhead, and 4 Coho Salmon. The creel survey on the Middle Shore will start on Thursday, (4/16/09) and on Friday (4/17/09) on the Upper Shore.

It is still very early in the run on the Lower Shore. In general, water temperatures must exceed 40 degrees for steelhead and Kamloops to migrate upstream. Flows on the Lower Shore continue to increase and are currently high and turbid.

The Knife River trap was opened for the first time on Sunday. The French adult trap will be set later this week when flows allow.

some info provided by the MN DNR


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