Fishing Report 4-27-09

Water temperatures ranged from 39-46 degrees on the Lower Shore, 37-46 on the Middle Shore, and 33-36 on the Upper Shore.

Interviewed anglers caught 27 Steelhead, 27 Kamloops, and 2 Coho on the Lower Shore, 8 Steelhead and 2 Kamloops on the Middle Shore, and nothing on the Upper Shore on Saturday and Sunday. The run peaked last Wednesday through Friday on the Lower Shore, and will likely peak on the Middle Shore sometime late this week or early into next week. Rain totals from Sunday averaged around one inch in Two Harbors, Finland, and Grand Marais, resulting in flows increasing shorewide.

Streams on the entire shore are now high and turbid due to the rains; however, Lower Shore streams are carrying very little debris. The amount of debris in the water increases as one progresses up the shore. Upper shore streams are currently very high, turbid, carry a lot of debris, and have some shelf ice remaining.

The Knife River trap had 17 steelhead and 2 Kamloops on Saturday, 11 steelhead and 4 Kamloops on Sunday, and 3 steelhead and 0 Kamloops on Monday. Water temperatures dropped back below 40 degrees for the first time on since last Thursday night at the Knife River due to the cold front and rain storm on Sunday. The French River trap had 15 Kamloops and 5 steelhead on Saturday, 17 Kamloops and 4 steelhead on Sunday, and 22 Kamloops and 3 steelhead on Monday. The French River also dropped to 39 degrees on Sunday and Monday.


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