Lutsen Resort looking to take more - millions of gallons from the Poplar River

Pictured here is a nice little Coho Salmon 
caught out of the Poplar River
It is true,  Lutsen is hoping to take more water out of the Poplar River. Not just a few gallons, but millions and millions of water anually.

 Can there be any good to the fishery out of this... really?  We do not think so.  We are going to dive head first into this ASAP and will do our best to keep you posted on a regular basis.

Here is an expert from the Star tribune article, written by: Josephine Marcotty.  You can click on the link below for the full article.

"For decades, the Poplar River has made Minnesotans happy year-round as it tumbles down from the Boundary Waters wilderness to the North Shore of Lake Superior. In fishing season, anglers hook trout and other game fish from its rocky pools. In winter, its lower reach supplies water that Lutsen Mountain Resort uses to make snow for skiers.

Now, in a move that has outraged conservationists, the Legislature is poised to give the skiers and the privately owned resort an advantage over the anglers and the trout. It is expected to pass a law that would give Lutsen special dispensation to draw millions of gallons of water from the small river -- a designated trout stream -- to ensure that Lutsen has enough snow from November to March."

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Anonymous said…
Ironically tapping into the 3,000 TRILLION gallons (sorry don't know what comes after 'trillion') is deemed 'inpractical' according to the owners of LMC. The lake is about 3,500 feet away and for some reason the golf course next door seems to be able to do it and Spirit Mountain in Duluth seems to be able to find it practical in using the lake as it's source as well. Mr. Skinner trying to compare his ski hill to places like Big Sky and Vail makes his posturing all the more laughable. Oh, is anyone surprised to see that Senator Thomas Bakk (who has been pushing for this to go through the legislature) suprisingly lists the Skinners among his campaign contributors?
This looks to be a growing issue as resources get stretched. Not sure if you're interested, but water issues are the focus of the MN Idea Open this year. check out their website for more information.

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