Fishing Report 4-30-11

A couple of the MS staff fished from Thursday through Sunday.  We managed to catch fish on 6 of the 8 rivers we fished, though the numbers were not fantastic, we did enjoy the fish caught. 

We fished mostly the rivers from Two harbors North to the Middle shore rivers.  All the water was high but very fishable and clear, temps were prime two averaging 40 - 44f.  Most of the fish caught were steelhead -fresh females.  The one shown here is s 29.5" bright hen.  She put up a fight worth the whole trip, burning line from my real several times before she was landed.

Saturday brought some rain...wait, lots of rain.  The knife ended up coming up to approx. 1200cfs. by the evening - unfishable.  During the day on Saturday we caught a couple fish on the larger Middle shore rivers and saw several others hooked and caught.  Sunday brought dirty high water from the rain on Saturday, subsequently this brought some tough fishing conditions with it.

We wound down the trip with a morning of fishing on the Sucker River. We managed to get a nice looper in literally the 11th hour prior to joining in on the Adopt-A-River Clean up project.

In a nut shell we estimate that there is still plenty of fishing to come.  The middle and upper shore will still be active with fish for the next week or two.  The lower shore will still get some fish too.  Heck we have caught steelhead over memorial weekend, and June steelhead are not unheard of.

Get out and fish - DB


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