The Latest Data from Minnesota Steelheader

Well, surprise surprise... Steelhead are still active on the Lower Shore. This last bit of precipitation brought yet another push of fish into Lower Shore tributaries. Fish were reported in nearly all tribs from Split Rock South. Better yet, Upper Shore fish are still active with a mix of bright, spawning and darker fish all being reported from the Arrowhead Brule South to the Cross.

Add to that a smattering of Coasters and even Coho being taken in the outflows and it makes for some interesting days. I've also received a report of two confirmed Loopers being taken from the outflow of one Upper Shore trib. This however is not good news. Limiting genetic introgression (the introduction of Looper DNA) into naturalized steelhead stocks is the reason the DNR only stocks Loopers from Two Harbors South. When they wander and interbreed, it causes problems.

There should also be Lakers starting to show up near tributary outflows adding to the mixed bag possibilities for late North Shore Fishing.

Regards and Good Fishing!


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