Lake Superior tributary clean up gets notice.

Be part of the solution.
Join the Adopt-a-River program.

Since 1989, volunteers have removed over 6.5 million pounds of trash from thousands of miles of shoreline on Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and ponds. Minnesota Steelheader, a non-profit conservation group is one such volunteer group.

We sure are! We (Minnesota Steelheader) have been part of the program since 2011, pulling hundreds of pounds of garbage and debris from the Sucker River over the years.

The year 2014 was a memorable clean up year.  The weather was terrific.  It was a cool clear morning as the sun was gently rising in the southeasterly sky over Lake Superior.  One of those picture perfect mornings that made you just want to sit back and enjoy the scenic splendors the North Shore offers.

We had an eager group of volunteers show up to help with our efforts that September morning.  We also had our staff photographer along to capture the day.  After some basic instructions and trash bag distribution, our glove wearing, wader and boot laden group, ventured out.  Volunteers hit the ditches along HWY 61 at the Sucker River overpass, a few attack the high visitor traffic at the scenic route parking lot, and the rest worked in the river itself, the banks, and the surround woods for anything that does not belong.

We found over 100lbs. of items that day.  Most notable was capture by our photographer and pictured in the previous post.  That picture is also being proudly used by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as their featured header image on the Adopt_A-River webpage.  It is nice to be noticed for our efforts!
Here is the link:

Joining the program is easy and FREE!  You do not have to be a non-profit to do this, anyone can set up a clean up program.  Reach out the MN DNR at the above link for more information.  Or contact us if you wish to be part of our 2016 clean up crew, we welcome anyone willing to volunteer a little fishing time.


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