Father and son: First Steelhead!

Spring of 2009 we corresponded with Dan, a MinnesotaSteelheader.com visitor. He was planing a first steelhead adventure with his son, Davis (13 years old). Though they were new to steelheading, Davis had been doing his homework and spent the winter tying up fly patterns. After several emails with Dan regarding technique, gear, destination possibilities, etc. they were ready for there adventure.

On a nice bluebird morning in April of '09 Myself and a couple other MN Steelheader staffers ran into Dan and Davis at a river parking area near two Harbors. It was great to bump into these two after corresponding much of the winter via email.

We visited for a while, sharing what we new from the river we were fishing and about the conditions. After looking over Davis' wonderfully tied flies and their gear we were confident that they were set up well. It was now up to their skills and some luck to get a hook up or two.

I received an email a week or two after their adventure with news that no fish were caught though they enjoyed their time together learning about this great fishery.

Today I just received a nice letter and these pictures. They both just recently returned from there 2nd annual steelhead adventure with wonderful news of fish. They each caught their first steelhead - together!

This is such great news on so many levels. First, a father spending priceless time with his son and introducing him to a new fishery. Second, great witness that you must educate yourself, be patient, and hone your skills to be a successful steelhead angler. Third, this is great witness to our mission of educating, informing and entertaining all who share our passion for the mighty Mn Steelhead.

All who are involved behind the scene of MS.com are volunteers, donating there treasures, time and talents purely because they want to share and teach others about this wonderful fishery. Unlike some people out there, we believe that introducing more people to this fishery will actually benefit all and is vital to the proliferation of Minnesota Steelhead and the ecosystem we all have a passion for.

Enjoy today and think about introducing someone to a Minnesota fishing adventure this year.



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