Good Shades are a must

Do not leave home without them!

Each year we visit this issue and by now we hope you all understand the basic reasons why proper eye protection with great UV blocking is needed. We won't spend time on that but rather give you some info on new glasses we have been testing - WileyX.

Serious fishing enthusiasts know how crucial it is to protect their gear and themselves from the outside elements — from waterproof/windproof and moisture wicking garments to tackle and gear covers, savvy anglers utilize every opportunity for protection against extreme conditions. Wiley X, Inc.®, a leading provider of protective eyewear for American combat troops in action around the world, knows a thing or two about protection in rugged conditions — hence the introduction of the newest addition to its extremely popular Climate Control Series™ line of eyewear, the Wiley X Jake™ with Polarized Emerald Mirror lenses and Gloss Black frame.

Like every piece of eyewear in the Wiley X Climate Control Series, the lightweight and comfortable Wiley X Jake features patented, removable, durable vented foam gaskets that lock securely into lightweight ANSI-certified frames — far exceeding ANSI Z87.1 and ANSI Z80.3 safety and optical standards. The resulting Facial Cavity Seal™ effectively creates a climatically controlled insulate that protects the wearer’s eyes from elements such as wind, debris, and precipitation — providing superior, full field of view vision while wadding in your hot fishing spot waiting for that crucial hook-up.

This new addition to the Wiley X Climate Control Series provides the ideal combination of great looks and performance-enhancing fit. The impact resistant lenses are crafted from Selenite™ polycarbonate, providing distortion-free vision at any angle. These advanced lenses protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays and offer supreme visual acuity to read terrain contours and keep in tune with surroundings in the great outdoors.

All Wiley X lenses are shatterproof and treated with a special scratch-resistant hard coat to stand up to rugged use. For added versatility, all Wiley X Eyewear products are available with prescription lenses.
Check out WileyX for more info.


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