Steelhead Movement Information

Here's an interesting bit of information on steelhead movement from an contributor.

Jesse made the trip up & fished April 16th-18th. After working the Lower Shore, he continued North looking for fresher fish. Around 5 p.m. on the 16th, he landed this super buck on a Mid Shore tributary. Note the "Rod Rule" on Jesse's Flyrod, great tool for keeping the fish in the water yet still getting a quick but accurate measurement:
After landing the fish & examining it for clips etc., he noticed that this fish had a Floy Tag; so he duly recorded the information & forwarded it to the DNR. You can use the new Tagged Fish Reporting Tool Here:
On the 20th the DNR contacted him regarding his fish & here's what Jesse said:
"I heard back from the DNR today on my tagged fish. It was originally tagged in 2008 at the Knife. It was recaptured this year at the Knife on April 1st. They passed it along up stream. Between the 1st and the 16th it left the Knife, swam 60 miles NE through the big lake and entered the river where I caught him."

That is some impressive movement and speaks volumes about the importance & efficacy of proper catch & release. If you get a tagged fish, please record the Date, Time, Location & Tag Number. Water temp, overall fish condition and any other comments you might have are also helpful. This information is invaluable to the DNR & you'll have fun finding out a little more about your fish. Thanks to Jesse for this great information!


leifjohn said…
Those crazy steelhead!

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