Fishing Report 4-24-10

From 4/19 through 4/12, water temperatures ranged from 47-52 in the morning on the Lower Shore, 37-46 on the Middle Shore, and 36-46 on the Upper Shore. In the afternoon water temperatures ranged from 47-57 on the Lower Shore, 42-48 degrees on the Middle Shore, and 42-49 degrees on the Upper Shore.

From 4/19 through 4/22, interviewed anglers caught 11 Steelhead and 8 Kamloops on the Lower Shore, 4 Steelhead, 1 Kamloops, and 1 Brook Trout on the Middle Shore, and 2 Steelhead on the Upper Shore. The three creel clerks reported observing steelhead in every stream on the creel. Successful anglers fished early and late, used flies, spotted fish, snuck up on them, and made a good cast.

Totals for the Knife Trap are thus far are 344 unclipped steelhead, 268 maxillary clipped steelhead, and 23 Kamloops. Totals for the French River are 86 unclipped steelhead, 4 maxillary clipped steelhead and 373 Kamloops.

provided by the MN DNR


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