Hydrograph Tutorial


I get so wrapped up in the data sometimes I forget that perhaps I should explain where I'm getting information from. No wonder people often look at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears...

I received a couple e-mails regarding temperature information I've posted wondering how to get the information themselves. I'll show you a couple ways to get the maximum information out of the hydrographs. Prepare for steelhead information overload! (O.k., I'm exaggerating a bit)

If you open up one of the DNR/MPCA cooperative hydrographs like the Poplar, it looks like this (Click for Larger Image):

The line represents flow in cubic feet per second. 1cfs = about 7.5 gallons per second. Flow goes up, line goes up etc. If you want to see the temps however, just click on the, "data for above period (csv)" link at the bottom of the page there. This will open a csv file (comma separated value - o.k., THAT's overload!) in a spreadsheet format & the temps will be displayed along with all the other information (stage, flow etc.) for the period shown from most recent to oldest.

If you want to get fancy, click on the "Configure Hydrograph" tab at the top of the hydrograph image & it brings up this screen:

Simply change the parameters like date, add rainfall, whatever you need then click "Update Hydrograph", it's that simple.


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