Fishing Report 4-5-10

From 4/2 through 4/4, water temperatures ranged from 39-44 degrees in the morning and 48-50 degrees in the afternoon on the Lower Shore.

On the Middle Shore, water temperatures ranged from 37-39 degrees in the morning and 39-44 degrees in the afternoon.

On the Upper Shore, water temperatures ranged from 36-39 degrees in the morning and 39-42 degrees in the afternoon.

From 4/2 through 4/4, interviewed anglers caught 44 Steelhead, 10 Kamloops, and 3 Coho on the Lower Shore, 50 Steelhead, 3 Kamloops, and 1 Brook Trout on the Middle Shore, and 1 Steelhead and 4 Brook Trout on the Upper Shore. Most fish were caught in the section of the shore from the Sucker to the Split Rock. After isolated showers Friday night, water levels rose and became slightly turbid from Duluth to the Split Rock and rain did not materialize from the Split Rock to Canada. Water levels and clarity is fairly low and clear on the Upper Shore. Hopefully we get at least ½ inch of rain on Tuesday night and Thursday as predicted to bring in more fish.

Totals for the Knife Trap are thus far are 233 unclipped steelhead, 173 maxillary clipped steelhead, and 13 Kamloops. Totals for the French River are 57 unclipped steelhead, 2 maxillary clipped steelhead and 141 Kamloops.


Mike Swan said…
Thanks for the update. From what I understand it didn't rain, though I am heading to Wis. to try this weekend anyway:)

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