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2018 Running Trap Totals

DATE: 05/10/2018 Knife River Flow: 106 CFS French RiverSteelheadKamloopsTotal Number Captured36265Total Captured130552682DATE: 05/10/2018 Index River Avg Temp:49.18°F Knife RiverSteelheadKamloopsTotal Number Captured17219Total Captured28740327DATE: 05/07/2018 Knife River Flow: 117 CFS French RiverSteelheadKamloopsTotal Number Captured88109197Total Captured127490617DATE: 05/06/2018 Index River Avg Temp:52.24°F Knife RiverSteelheadKamloopsTotal Number Captured8916105Total Captured27038308DATE: 05/04/2018 Knife River Flow: 168 CFS French RiverSteelheadKamloopsTotal Number Captured31226257Total Captured39381420DATE: 05/03/2018 Index River Avg Temp: 46.60°F Knife RiverSteelheadKamloopsTotal Number Captured77986Total Captured18122203DATE: 05/01/2018 Knife River Flow: 464 CFS French RiverSteelheadKamloopsTotal Number Captured8155163Total Captured8155163DATE:05/01/2018 Index River Avg Temp: 44.62°F Knife RiverSteelheadKamloopsTotal Number Captured10413117Total Captured10413117DATE: 04/27/2018Traps Open

2018 Running Creel Project Totals

DATE: 05/12/2018Lower Shore SpeciesBrook Trout SteelheadKamloops#Reported Since 5/0721516Total Reported2213897DATE: 05/12/2018Mid Shore SpeciesBrook Trout SteelheadKamloops#Reported Since 5/0711112Total Reported6414015DATE: 05/12/2018Upper Shore SpeciesBrook Trout SteelheadKamloops#Reported Since 5/07610Total Reported35373DATE: 05/12/2018Shore-Wide Totals SpeciesBrook Trout SteelheadKamloops#Reported Since 5/07192718Total Reported121315115

Did you Know? There there other game fish opportunities.

Did you know that there are several other game fish species in the Minnesota waters of Lake Superior? The most popular of these are  Walleye, Lake Sturgeon, and Muskellunge.

Anglers catch other species incidentally while pursuing steelhead salmon and trout; however, these fish are unlikely to produce viable targeted fisheries in Lake Superior. We see northern pike, smallmouth bass, and walleye caught incidentally nearly each year during spring and fall trout and salmon migration runs.

If you are interested in pursuing Walleye, Lake Sturgeon, or Musky, your efforts may be best suited in the St. Louis River Estuary.  These 3 species spend more time inhabiting and reproducing in these waters than in the big water.

Have you caught any interesting non trout or salmon in our North Shore rivers of  Lake Superior recently?  We would enjoy seeing your catches, please feel free to share!

Tight lines to all this spring, fishing time is here!

Sunshine at Last!

What a difference a couple days can make...

We finally had a chance to start crunching some numbers thanks to some intrepid anglers and their submissions to the MNST Creel Project. We want to thank those anglers who have submitted so far, as well as to remind everyone else of what you can get out of participating.

First off, we DO NOT post live fishing reports. Your MNST Creel Project submissions are not used in that fashion. All of the preliminary creel data used and posted such as you'll see below, are presented on a regional scale: Lower, Mid and Upper Shore. The early creel numbers are coming in from across each respective region and are presented as a trend, not as actual daily catch numbers. For all of you statistics nerds out there such as myself, the creel numbers are plotted as a 6-point moving average, only the daily flow and temperature numbers are actual. This is done to protect the underlying data, as well as to provide you with insight into relationships between ste…

Of Steelhead & Dippin' Dots

You know, it’s awfully hard to be optimistic some days. As I write this piece I can hear the wind outside; not your run of the mill gentle breeze, but the kind of wind which makes your house rattle loudly and shudder with each and every successive gust.

I have a large spruce growing just outside my door. I love it. The chickadees do too and use it as they dart back and forth between the feeders grabbing sunflower seeds, then quickly escaping back into the dense cover of the branches. Not because they are scared when people or the cats are sitting out on the deck (they’re not). They know the people dole out the free seed. And the cats well... they’re just fat and slow and the chickadees know it judging by their antics.
The cooper's hawk is a different story. She’s taken to hiding high up in a nearby maple, launching periodic aerial assaults on any unsuspecting bird foolish enough to sit for more than a few seconds on one of the feeders. The chickadees are the tacticians, but judgi…

Conditions as of 4.05.2018


Did you know? - Upstream boundaries

The North Shore (including Duluth area) has 73 tributaries listed with upstream boundaries.  These boundaries are typically located at areas with a natural barrier, such as a high waterfall, preventing fishing migration upstream.  Designated trout streams typically have different angling regulations for above and below barrier.  See the 2018 fishing regulations HERE.

Below barrier is where Steelhead anglers focus their efforts, yet many anglers are unclear where these barriers are.  Lets add some clarity.

Though listed, many of the North Shore tributary may not get much, if any steelhead migration in a given year. This is due mainly to stream size, flow, and distance.  Many listed tribs. are a mere trickle of water, but a spring thaw with above normal flow can trigger a surprise for those adventurous anglers.

The link below is a listing of upstream Posted Boundaries and Fish Sanctuaries on North Shore tributaries to Lake Superior.  It was revised in December 2016 so it is pretty accurat…

Flies from Afghanistan - Part one

Flies from Afghanistan - Part 1

Being deployed offers many challenges; How will I perform my mission?  How will I like my fellow airmen, sailors, marines and soldiers?  Will there be personal conflict?  What is my level of risk?  How will my family handle my deployment?
These questions and many others go through your head at a furious pace. Once you have settled into a daily routine your focus can shift to your down time.  How will I pass the time without going nuts?  Depending on your location, downtime can be tackled in numerous ways. I have never been much of a video game player so that is out. I love to read but that can only last so long. Through my many deployments the thing that keeps me going is pulling out the bags of feathers, yarn, and hooks and creating something that can transport you to a spot halfway around the globe. A spot in your mind where you can smell the moss and cedar, hear the rush of the current and share the company of the kingfisher and chickadee. As Norman Mac…

Did you know?

We are starting a new segment called "Did you know?"  The idea is to provide further clarity to some never ending questions, enlighten anglers on some interesting facts, and share some great tips, techniques and other interesting tid bits.

The information won't stop at steelhead. We will provide interesting fishery-wide insight and info.  Have an idea?  shoot us an email!

We plan to start off bi-weekly for starters, who knows maybe we will go nuts and wind up with regular weekly posts!

Did you know?
In 2012 (study date), approximately 95,870 trout stamps were sold in Minnesota. Trout stamps cost  $10 each, for a total of $958,700 in stamp sales. Trout stamp funds go into a dedicated account and are used to help support the extra costs required to manage the cold water fisheries in Minnesota.

The unfortunate result of trolls

A few folks have asked, "What happened to all of the facebook comments yesterday from your survey post?"The comments referred to are specifically from two individual followers and MNST staff. When you block a follower, their comments and our response vanish into the interweb. 
First a bit of a disclaimer: As many of you know, this blog is not our only social platform. We have a strong facebook presence as well as Instagram and a light twitter footprint.  Regarding facebook specifically, we have some basic policy and rules, and these are described in the page's "about" link. Pretty standard stuff really, and there you will see what we do not tolerate or accept by way of follower comments, remarks or shared images. You folks rooted in commonsense likely have no need to visit the disclaimer section as disrespect, out-of-line and/or inappropriatecontent is not in your nature to post.
As for the comments in question; MNST  posts a wide variety of content on facebook. …