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The unfortunate result of trolls

A few folks have asked, "What happened to all of the facebook comments yesterday from your survey post?"The comments referred to are specifically from two individual followers and MNST staff. When you block a follower, their comments and our response vanish into the interweb. 
First a bit of a disclaimer: As many of you know, this blog is not our only social platform. We have a strong facebook presence as well as Instagram and a light twitter footprint.  Regarding facebook specifically, we have some basic policy and rules, and these are described in the page's "about" link. Pretty standard stuff really, and there you will see what we do not tolerate or accept by way of follower comments, remarks or shared images. You folks rooted in commonsense likely have no need to visit the disclaimer section as disrespect, out-of-line and/or inappropriatecontent is not in your nature to post.
As for the comments in question; MNST  posts a wide variety of content on facebook. …