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2019 Running Creel Project Totals

DATE: 05/11/2019Lower Shore SpeciesBrook Trout SteelheadKamloops#Reported Since 05/05 104227Total Reported1415468DATE: 05/11/2019Mid Shore SpeciesBrook Trout SteelheadKamloops#Reported Since 05/0511467Total Reported2619734DATE: 05/11/2019Upper Shore SpeciesBrook Trout SteelheadKamloops#Reported Since 05/051200Total Reported5440DATE: 05/11/2019Shore-Wide Totals SpeciesBrook Trout SteelheadKamloops#Reported Since 05/052210834Total Reported45395102

2019 Running Trap Totals

DATE: 5/6/19 Knife Flow: 194 CFS Avg Temp: 48.67°F French RiverSHKLTotalKnife RiverSHKLTotal Number Captured103949Number Captured29332Total Captured69228297Total Captured43353486DATE: 5/5/19 Knife Flow: 243 CFS Avg Temp: 49.25°F French RiverSHKLTotalKnife RiverSHKLTotal Number Captured133548Number Captured9614110Total Captured59189248Total Captured40450454DATE: 5/3/19 Knife Flow: 196 CFS Avg Temp: 41.18°F French RiverSHKLTotalKnife RiverSHKLTotal Number Captured81624Number Captured33538Total Captured46154200Total Captured30836344DATE: 4/29/19 Knife Flow: 221 CFS Avg Temp: 40.99°F French RiverSHKLTotalKnife RiverSHKLTotal Number Captured28113141Number Captured30838Total Captured38138176Total Captured27531306DATE: 4/26/19 Knife Flow: 318 CFS Avg Temp: 45.30°F French RiverSHKLTotal Knife RiverSHKLTotal TRAP OPEN102535Number Captured16321184SEIN TBD 4/29/19102535Total Captured24523268DATE: 4/22/19 Knife Flow: 1261 CFS Avg Temp: 37.00°F French RiverSHKLTotal Knife RiverSHKLTotal NOT YET OPEN000Number Ca…

Are you interested in becoming a mentor?

Most outdoor sportsmen and women do not realize they have the skills necessary to be an effective hunting or fishing mentor.  Do you?  We have found that many folks are interested in helping to introduce new anglers or hunters to the sport, but often fall short with how to implement.

We are looking closely at the value of mentoring and how to better provide resources to those interested in introducing someone new to the outdoors.  Would you be interested in becoming a mentor?

One of our directors sits on the MN DNR R3 council. The council's purpose is to address, advise, and provide solutions to reduce further declining numbers of public participation in our hunting and fishing resources. 

The link on this page is to a survey we developed to help us address some of the issues we have seen.  Your participation, regardless if you have ever mentored, is very valuable.  The results of this survey will greatly help us learn more about where folks stand on mentoring. Please consider takin…

Flies from Afghanistan Part 3

Flies from Afghanistan Part 3

The Teeny Nymph:
Perhaps one of the most simple and durable patterns in my fly box is the Teeny Nymph. Pioneered by Jim Teeny of Gresham, OR., the Teeny Nymph combines easy to acquire materials with simplicity and durability. Mr. Teeny wanted to develop a fly for those very reasons and it has proven very effective in catching the anadromous fish of the west coast. In usual fashion, I figured that if this simple pattern caught fish out west why not in our neck of the woods?

I bought a few as examples and hit the vise. The fly is adaptable to many variations; adding tails, wings, flash, beads and tying it in various colors. The possibilities are limitless with this pattern. Although any wet fly hook could be used I really like the original hook. It is well made, has a great finish, is very strong and very sharp. You can purchase these hooks through Mr. Teeny’s website which I recommend you visit. I typically tie mine in a #6 and have found this size to be the …

Sucker River - Temporary angler access allowed...for now.

Earlier this year we contact the landowners along the lower portion of the Sucker River for a follow-up conversation regarding their decision to close river access along their portion of land adjacent to the East side near the mouth.For descriptive sake, we will term the riversides as if looking downstream, so downstream-left (DL) and downstream-right (DR).If you are new to this access closure issues you should first read HERE, then read this POST.The following will make more sense if you understand the history behind the situation.
During our conversation the one landowner (remaining nameless) reiterated that the access will remain closed to the public, anglers included.It was again stated that they enjoy sharing the land and visiting with respectful visitors and anglers, but also needed to do something to prevent any future theft and vandalism.
The good news for anglers is that this access will be open to anglers from April 19th – May 19th.As stated, this landowner enjoys sharing with…

Women on the Fly Spring Clinic 2019

Flies from Afghanistan-Part 2

Flies from Afghanistan-Part 2
Apologies for the long hiatus, life got in the way of putting together another article in the series. I hope to have more time in the future to publish these more regularly.
The next fly up to bat is an all-around touchdown when it comes to catching fish, and everyone needs to have a few of these in their box (preferably in various sizes and colors). The Wooly Bugger can be considered as one of the most versatile of all fly patterns. Simply put the fly can be used for numerous species, from saltwater to freshwater, used in all types of environments, from cold water to warm water, all seasons and all water types. I have used them for Steelhead, Browns, Smallmouth, Loopers, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Northern Pike, Redfish, even for trout through the ice in the BWCA. The sky is truly the limit for this fly.
My excitement for the big Wooly Bugger was realized about 15 years ago while fishing for late run Steelhead on the North Shore. The day was warm and sunny an…

Shorecasting the North Shore

Shore casting the North Shore of Lake Superior can at times appear to be a daunting task, it is, however, an enjoyable and very effective way to fish the big lake. 

River mouths Most of us have seen the numerous fishermen lining the banks near the French or Lester rivers. Why? Because these are consistently good places to fish. A beginning shore caster would be smart to start their quest fishing river mouths, particularly early in the season when steelhead, Kamloops and lakers can be found in abundance. The river plumes provide warm water and a steady flow of bugs which fish like. Due to the fairly shallow water found at most mouths, it’s best to fish them in low light. Target these areas early in the morning and late in the evening or on a dreary overcast day. You will be less noticeable to the fish and they will be less apt to spook. 
Seeing how there are over 25 potential stream/river mouths to fish it would be crazy to ignore these great areas. Fly and hardware fishermen can have equ…

Lake Superior Winter Shore Fishing Clinic

Our Lake Superior North Shore winter fishing clinic is open for registration.  We are limiting the clinic to 12 anglers.  Registration fills quickly, so sign up early.

The clinic will be held along the North Shore inside.  Fishing on your own after you learn all you need to know to get started!

Below is some of the information you will find on our website information page.  A registration link is there too.  This is a unique opportunity to fish open water in February for good tasting Kamloops rainbow trout and coho salmon.

What is the Winter Shore casting clinic?This clinic is aimed to teach anglers the fundamentals of shore casting the breaks, beaches, and shore of Minnesota's Lake Superior shoreline. The clinic focuses on steelhead and Kamloops rainbow trout, but will also touch on some other available species.
Due to unpredictable weather, the clinic will be conducted indoors.  We will cover everything you will need to know to get started on your next adventure.  All participants a…