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2020 egg take operations suspended

MN DNR News Release2020 egg take operations suspended canceled due to COVID-19 social distancing protocolsApril 14, 2020
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will cancel its 2020 egg take operations for walleye, northern pike, muskellunge and steelhead because the work cannot be done safely under COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.  Collecting eggs and sperm from spawning fish in the wild is a labor intensive effort that requires teams of 6-8 people working in close proximity. After a careful examination of whether the egg take process could be re-engineered, the DNR determined that is was not possible to safely handle fish during the egg take and practice appropriate social distancing to protect staff from COVID-19. The DNR collects eggs each spring to hatch, raise and then release either as fry or fingerlings to stock Minnesota waters that have low or no natural reproduction of these fish species. While this stocking is important to maintain fish populations and angling opp…

Important Announcement from Minnesota Steelheader


2020 Sucker River Access update

Lower Sucker River access update:

The 2020 North Shore spring steelhead season is sure to be an interesting one.  As we post this update, some of the rivers have opened up though still too high to fish.  For those anglers who have enjoyed fishing the Sucker River over the years, we are happy to report another year of privileged access is available to us.  If you are not aware of the closure issue downstream-left at the scenic 61 access, please stop here and READ THIS.  After that, READ THIS.

For the 2020 spring season, the land owner is allowing angler access across his property from April 10th – May 26th.  This is always pending treatment of property by anglers. Signs are posted at the access point. Fishing before the 10th is being monitored by conservation officers. 

As you likely recall, access at this location was closed a few years ago due to the disrespect to property, property damage, and the level of annual litter.  This past year’s owner report was “the fishermen were good and m…