Delayed Fishing Report 4.03.2010

Sorry for the delay...

I was able to get in a quick trip to the lower shore on Saturday April 3rd. The rains from Friday had brought water levels up to the mid-260cfs range, but unfortunately temps dropped 4-6 degrees and clarity went way down. This made fishing very difficult.

Not many fish hooked or landed by anyone. The worst part was the wind... Attempts at high-sticking just resulted in the wind taking the line and pulling the business end up and away from where the fish were holding.

mid-afternoon was best after the sun came out. I missed 5 or 6 fish, hooked 2 (including a very large male steelhead) and landed 1 smaller kamloops hen.

Surprizingly, small yarn did the trick. I fished big and bright until about 1:30 or so; but made the switch and immediately started getting results which was shocking considering the conditions. 1/2 ply of 1/4" long orange over blue yarn got the most attention from the fish. I also saw a couple more very large steelhead hooked/landed by the only other guy fishing small yarn. Spawn fisherman only took a steelhead or two the rest of the afternoon along with one large kamloops male (~28").

Quite a few fish around all things considered, just really tough for myself.


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