Staff Fishing Report

A few of the Minnesota Steelheader staff headed for a North Shore excursion this past weekend. I say excursion because with the lack of water in all the tributaries from Duluth to Canada we just didn't know if this was going to be a fishing trip or a sight seeing adventure.

We packed up our gear and headed north Thursday evening. After much discussion we decided to call Two Harbors our home for the night. The last minute planing with are buddy Greg helped as we decided to all meet up Friday morning for some Middle shore river fishing. Nothing to early as the spring like air expected to get down to 10°f. With the cold evening temps we expected the water to be a bit too chilly at first light - water was 34°f at 7:30am on the Stewart.

Arriving to our main destination by 9:30am we were ready to get our feet wet. With water temps now at 38°f and a blue bird day we new it was just a mater of time before we got the magic of the 40°s. Though the water was low we did manage to land 4 fish on Friday - one nice buck at just a hair under 30". Not huge numbers of fish for 3 guys but we weren't complaining.

We moved North around 4pm to give some northern rivers a try. Water was low at every river we stopped at but the temps were perfect. Friday evening was not very eventful, though we did manage to hook a steelie right before dinner.

On Saturday we made it all the way up to the Brule. After exploring a bit we did manage to hook into one fresh chrome steelie that put on a show of 3 consecutive 3' acrobatic jumps then a smile and kindly returned the fly to the water. It made the overheated walk in the sun worth every drop of sweat.

Overall the shore needs rain bad, but there are fish in the larger rivers and the rivers with acceptable flow. We either caught or talked with people who caught fish in 4 of the7 rivers we visited spanning from the Split Rock to the Brule. On Sunday we talked to two guys we walked out of the river with that landed 8 and 5 fish respectively in about a 4 hour time frame - middle shore river. Between two of us we only had one during the same time frame. You can bet our hind sight was killing us. We opted out of going to the hole where the the majority of those 8 fish were caught. The trust your gut lesson is still being learned...



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