Fishing Report - 4-12-10

General Report:

From 4/9 through 4/11, water temperatures ranged from 40-44 degrees in the morning on the Lower Shore, 38-41 on the Middle Shore, and 36-38 on the Upper Shore. In the afternoon water temperatures ranged from 46-52 degrees on the Lower Shore, 43-46 degrees on the Middle Shore, and 40-43degrees on the Upper Shore.

From 4/9 through 4/11, interviewed anglers caught 29 Steelhead, 34 Kamloops, and 12 Coho on the Lower Shore, 13 Steelhead on the Middle Shore, and 13 Steelhead, 1 Kamloops, and 5 Brook Trout on the Upper Shore. Most fish were caught in the section of the shore from the Lester to the Stewart. Water levels and clarity are fairly low and clear on the entire shore. Forecasts indicate nights will stay above freezing this week, and rain is forecast from Monday through Wednesday. If we get an inch or more of rain shorewide and stream temperatures stay above 40, we should see runs of fish shorewide.

Totals for the Knife Trap are thus far are 310 unclipped steelhead, 246 maxillary clipped steelhead, and 19 Kamloops. Totals for the French River are 73 unclipped steelhead, 3 maxillary clipped steelhead and 325 Kamloops.


CM Loopers said…
Just wanted to say thanks to all the folks that run this website. I caught my first steelhead this Saturday at Goosebury - a 23" Kamloop that fought more like a 46" muskie. What an experience!!
Your tips and reports were critical to getting me set up. Thanks again!
Great news and glad to hear of your success! Feel free to send any pictures, we would be happy to post.

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